Office on Windows 10 Mobile gets Smart Lookup and more

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New in the Store today are updates for Word, Excel and Powerpoint, the Office applications for Windows 10 Mobile. There's a changelog below, the highlight of which is Smart Lookup, and it's great to see Microsoft giving its own first party Office applications attention again.

Here's what's new for today's updates:


  • Open CSV files - you can now open comma separated value text files
  • Smart lookup - get useful information, images, definitions, and more. Press and hold on a word or phrase and choose Smart Lookup


  • Smart lookup - as per Excel, above


  • Superscript and subscript - format your text with these text effects
  • Create columns of text - split a block of text into easy-to-read columns
  • Smart lookup - as per Excel, above


Here's the main new feature, Smart Lookup, in action, here in Excel:


Long press on any word or phrase and there's the option of a pop-up menu item (as here) or a 'i' button, depending on the state of the UI - tapping either brings you (right) to a Bing search for that word or phrase. And you can go from there in the usual way.

Also notable is the addition of column formatting to PowerPoint:


The Columns function is in the vertical ribbon of function groups. Handy if you've got a lot of text and want to break it all up!