TeamViewer's UWP now supports Continuum

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TeamViewer has been just about the most popular 'remote support' tool for consumers on most platforms for years - there was already a Universal Windows Program (UWP) version but the TeamViewer folks have announced a big update that adds full Continuum support. So, on your Lumia 950 or 950 XL (or third party equivalent) you can get a call or email asking for help from a relative or friend. Get them to run up TeamViewer on their Mac or PC or similar and then you can use any convenient monitor to see what they're seeing - at the size they're seeing it. Sure beats trying to help via TeamViewer on a 5.7" phone screen!

Available in over 30 languages and with more than 200 million users worldwide, TeamViewer is one of the world's most popular providers of remote control and online meeting software. 

From the TeamViewer announcement:

TAMPA, FL--(Marketwired - Apr 19, 2016) - TeamViewer®, the global pioneer of remote control and online collaboration software, today announced an update to its Universal Windows app, TeamViewer: Remote Control, which is now available in the Windows Store for Business.

With the Universal Windows app, TeamViewer provides users with the ability to remotely support or access applications from any Windows 10 device, including phones, tablets and Ultrabooks. With this latest update, TeamViewer now works with Continuum, one of the new and most exciting Microsoft Windows 10 features.

"Since our inception in 2005, we have worked closely with Microsoft and have quickly provided support for any new Windows development," said Kornelius Brunner, vice president of Product Management, TeamViewer. "We are constantly working to be SMBs' and enterprises' first choice when it comes to remote access, which is why we are extremely proud to be one of the ten most downloaded productivity apps in the Windows Store for Business."

Now that TeamViewer supports Continuum, users can open the TeamViewer app on their mobile device and have it displayed on a larger screen such as a TV or desktop monitor. In addition, with this connection, users are able to use a mouse and keyboard for flawless input and easier navigation on the screen -- all powered by the phone. TeamViewer now also supports Windows 10's personal assistant, Cortana.

"TeamViewer is an important partner to Microsoft and we welcome the development of the new Windows 10 Universal App. The support for functionalities like Continuum and Cortana utilizes the innovative force of the Windows platform and demonstrates TeamViewer's strategic vision and pioneering spirit," emphasized Oliver Gürtler, head of the Windows and Surface Unit, Microsoft.

TeamViewer full screen on Continuum...

You can download TeamViewer's UWP here in the Store. Currently Continuum-compatible phones are just the Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL, but the HP Elite X3, Jade Primo and others are shortly to join in the fun.

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