'Fast' Insiders get fast fix-up OS update, Redstone build 14328

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The last Fast ring Insiders update for Windows 10 Mobile was a big bug fix, but it seems that at least one showstopper needed fixing still, so for the first time ever we have an Insiders build only incremented by a single digit: 14328. There ARE loads of changes, but they all have to do with the PC-centric parts of the UI. And note that the 'Windows 10 everywhere' mantra is holding true again, desktop and mobile are back in lockstep (again).

There's a Microsoft blog post, but it's mainly about all the new stuff for PC, i.e. specific to the desktop interface, elements and interactions (e.g. pen). This is equivalent to the recent build 14327 for mobile, which also contained a lot of new UI code, not all of which worked properly!

In terms of issues I'm hoping to see fix, getting certain apps working again (e.g. Tweetium) is high on the list, but I've also had issues with media controls disappearing when I want to resume a podcast or music. Anyway, the AAWP devices are happily updating, so we'll see. Please leave any comments on build 14328 below. Did this fix any showstoppers for you? 

As per all my recent charts and comments, note that Redstone builds are NOT available for the non-Win-10-approved phones (e.g. Lumia 920). no matter how many times you install the 'Windows Insider' utility and enthusiastically tap the 'Fast ring' entry.... The highest version of Windows 10, even unsupported, for older (mainly x20) handsets is 'Threshold' (the 10586.xxx branch).