How to: stop Store sending you notifications after EVERY update

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One of the most annoying parts of the latest versions of Windows 10 Mobile (think the Redstone builds onwards) is that Store now has the ability to pop up notifications in your Action Center and drop down pane. You'd think this would be helpful. And it is, the first couple of times, but then the dozen or so pings and notices every single day start to really annoy ("Look, just update my apps silently, please!") Here's how to turn the notifications off.

Screenshot, notificationsScreenshot, notifications

So here's the problem. Well, it is to power users, with dozens of applications and a dozen updates a day! The mention in Action Center isn't a showstopper, but the notification chime is definitely distracting. And, apart from journos like me, most people don't need to keep being told when something gets a minor update; (right) So, head into Settings....

Screenshot, notificationsScreenshot, notifications

...and then down into 'Notifications', and (right) finally swipe up the screen to see the full list....

Screenshot, notifications

Buried in the list of apps which have permission to send you notifications is Store, of course. Simply tap the toggle to turn off the feature. You can always change your mind later.

Note that all this came in with a recent Insiders build for Redstone, so this may not apply to everyone reading this... yet. I'm guessing that most Windows 10 Mobile users (in time) will just want things to be updated silently while they get on with their daily lives though, so hopefully this little guide will prove helpful?

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