Poly and the Marble Maze an isometric 3D platformer

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While compiling the latest update to the AAWP Games directory, I noted this new title, Poly and the Marble Maze, which looks to be a real head-scratching arcade puzzler. See below for overview and video trailer, which will give you an idea. It's simply priced - free, but with a 'Premium' bundle being highly recommended, at just below £4 in the UK. Which is a fair price for such high production values.

From the Store entry:

Guide the lost ball Poly through a mysterious and beautiful marble maze.

"Poly and the Marble Maze" is a modern Platformer with intuitive controls, huge collection of challenging levels and stunningly beautiful visuals. In this unique ball rolling game your goal is to collect all three crystals and reach the flag on each levels. To succeed, you need to solve tricky puzzles and overcome many obstacles.

Here's a video trailer for the title:

All very impressive - and frustratingly difficult! You can grab this here in the Windows Store - it works on both 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Source / Credit: Store