Where's Microsoft Pay?

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In noting that Android Pay just launched in the UK, you have to wonder what Microsoft's timescale is for Microsoft Pay(ments). I'm no expert on mobile payments, but unless I'm missing something Microsoft is definitely in third place in the race to get people paying with smartphones. In fact, it's been surprising how long it has taken Google to get going with this, given their market dominance, 18 months after Apple. Perhaps this is a measure of how long it takes to 'get all one's ducks in a row' in terms of relationships with banks and payment providers? 

In which case maybe we're looking at another a year before Microsoft has its own equivalent, for Windows 10 phones and tablets? Mind you, this would tie in well with the Redstone 2 push, with the alleged Surface phone flagship and with other things we're hearing, i.e. everything would arrive fully formed early next year.

From the Android blog, anyway:

Starting today, Android Pay is now available in the UK, one of the most advanced contactless nations in the world. Android Pay helps people pay for things simply and securely with their Android smartphones. This builds on the launch of Android Pay in the US last year, with new countries coming soon.

So, where does Android Pay work in the UK?
You will be able to use Android Pay everywhere contactless payments are accepted including your favourite high street stores like Boots, Starbucks and Waitrose and pay for the Tube, bus and train with Transport for London. Just tap with your phone as you would with your card. It’s that simple. And businesses across the country with contactless terminals won’t need to do anything else to be able to accept Android Pay in store.


You'd have to be something of a curmudgeon not to see the benefits of being able to tap one's phone to a terminal in order to pay for something - yes, tapping a contactless card is also trivial, but then you have to get this out of a wallet. Given that your phone is already in your hand most of the time, surely it's easier to pay with this?

On the downside, it's another point of failure in your life if your phone breaks or is stolen. There, told you there was a curmudgeon angle.... Comments? When do you think Microsoft will get its own solution in place?

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