Mini-review: Mozo Red leather back for Lumia 950 XL

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Having already looked at the 'Cognac' and black leather backs for the Lumia 950 and 950 XL - and loved them - I was somewhat stunned to find myself getting much flashier than I intended by donning the newer red leather and gold Mozo replacement back, featured here. Garish, perhaps, but it's certainly striking and makes a terrific change from the other, more staid colours and finishes.

Mozo Red back

Now, don't get too carried away - the gold finish here is obviously just painted plastic and, in time, it will start to wear away, e.g. at the corners. But then you probably wouldn't go with this back every day, so maybe it wouldn't get the same heavy use as the normal smooth black plastic that comes in the 950 XL box?

In addition, as with the other Mozo backs, the depth of the leather increases the size of the phone in your hand, with a slightly squarer cross section and up to a millimetre thicker overall. But come on, it looks beautiful, wouldn't you agree?

Mozo Red back

As with the other Mozo replacement backs, the internal fittings are identical to the Microsoft originals, i.e. with seals, NFC antenna and Qi charging coil - which is partly why these backs are a little pricey at first glance. 

The other reason is the leather, of course, hand-stretched and vacuum-applied, apparently. The end result is super-premium, just look at the fit and finish below.

Mozo Red back

The gold surround is coated/painted plastic, of course, and the warmth of plastic to the touch is a little incongruous at first - your eyes expect the cold feel of metal! But you soon get used to this.

Mozo Red back

There's a certain 'sandwich' feel to the way these backs fit on, as you can see above, i.e. black display, then gold surround, then red leather back, but the end result is more stylish than you might think. And a hundred times more notable than Microsoft's ultra-boring (and flimsy) all-plastic originals.

Costing 48 Euros, you can buy the red/gold Mozo back here at Mozo's shop, or here on Amazon UK, slightly cheaper. Turning the Lumia flagships into fashion statements!