Stones of Atlantis adds a mysterious twist to the tile-puzzle genre

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Tile puzzles are nothing new, of course. But what about if whole rows of tiles could be swiped around 'en bloc', with tiles wrapping around to the other side of the board? That adds a significant new twist, I think. Then add in atmospheric graphics and a bit of back story and you've got yourself 50 levels of a rather engrossing puzzle game. 

From the Store entry:

"Three months ago, an unusual energy signature was detected deep in South America. I was part of the expedition sent to find its source."

Follow the trail of mysterious stones that lead toward the ancient city of Atlantis. Each stone relic presents you with a challenging puzzle and finding the solution will open the path to your goal. Slide entire rows and columns of tiles to complete each puzzle’s pattern. Because you can’t move just one tile, sometimes you will have to take a step back to continue forward. Special tiles will help or hinder your progress, further complicating your journey. You’re limited to the tiles on the board, so place them carefully!

Here's the game in action:

Screenshot, Stones of AtlantisScreenshot, Stones of Atlantis

Some of the rather delightful intro/back-story to the game - who can resist Aztecs and Aliens?!

Screenshot, Stones of AtlantisScreenshot, Stones of Atlantis

Each puzzle involves rotating tile rows and columns as needed to line up the pipes of energy flow - it's a LOT harder than it looks!

You can buy Stones of Atlantis here for just under a dollar or local equivalent. Well put together and good value.

Source / Credit: Store