Facebook client for Windows 10 Mobile gets big bug-fix update, no UWP yet

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The official Facebook client continues to march on in beta and production 'tracks'. This is the latter, which is now up to and includes bug fixes across the board. It's not a true UWP yet, by the way, but the (Facebook-published) desktop and (Microsoft-published) Mobile clients are very close and a joint universal application from the former can't be far away.

The changelog (via) is all about bug fixes, it seems, but given the number of people complaining about how buggy the Facebook client had become, this isn't a bad thing:

  • Correcting problems arising from the sharing of content.
  • Correcting problems arising from the previewing of maps.
  • Correcting problems arising from viewing photos.
  • Correcting problems arising from using files in groups.
  • Correction of problems posting items.
  • Correcting problems arising from birthdays.
  • Correcting app crashes.

You can grab/check the update in the Store here (especially if you view this page on the phone, in which case you get bounced to the right pane in the Store client).

A few screenshots of the new version on my Lumia 950 XL below. It's good to see continual updates to this client - for many regular users, Facebook IS the Internet, in terms of extra functions beyond phone-centric features. And the Windows 10 Mobile seems to tick all the boxes. Comments welcome, is there anything major that it's missing?


Source / Credit: Store