Lumia Help & Tips now Lumia Highlights, no user guide in sight

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As a long time tech user, I do despair slightly at the way tech gets dumbed down. In this case, user manuals - 15 years ago, everything came with a thick paper manual. Now this was overkill, I'll admit, but it's handy to have the content accessible somehow and so the inclusion of the 'user guide' in electronic form in the original Nokia Windows Phones was a boon. Then, somewhere along the line, with 'Lumia Highlights' now (ok, so I'm catching up with some updates here) the new name for 'Lumia Help & Tips', even this electronic manual has been lost, leaving an application that's glossy but ultimately not at all substantial, just links to other content online and to applications already on the Start screen of the phone. Just my opinion. Do you think tech is now so complicated that the concept of an all-encompassing guide, even in electronic form, is now impossible or outdated?

Anyway, you can see the update yourself if you have any smartphone running Windows 10 Mobile in any build or variant - check the Store for updates.

Here's Lumia Highlights in action:

Lumia Highlights screenshotLumia Highlights screenshot

Maybe all people need to know about are News and Highlights these days? I mean, tech UIs are supposed to be self-explanatory?

Lumia Highlights screenshotLumia Highlights screenshot

The featured err..... features aren't even that - more a photo, a single paragraph and a link to the application in question. Gah. Microsoft, if you need help writing some actual content, let alone a user guide of some kind then you know whose door to knock on.....! 

So very glossy and all rather shallow, most of all I'd still liked to have seen something - anything - on that hamburger menu. Microsoft, bring back the user guide. That is, if you haven't already made the people who were writing it redundant....

PS. If, for any reason, you don't have this installed, it's also here in the Store.