Leaner, more efficient, bug fixed Store available for Fast ring Insiders

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Coming hot on the heels of the latest 'fast' ring Insiders build of Windows 10 Mobile for Insiders is a new, leaner version of the core Store client. Microsoft says that this (version 11606.1000.43.0) 'includes some good performance improvements to prevent the Store from crashing and using up too much resources on your devices'. You should see an overall user experience improvement when navigating the Store.

The new version is currently being pushed out only to 'fast' ring Insiders - in fact, there are no less than three current versions of Store in play:

  • Fast ring Insiders get v11606.xxxx
  • Slow ring Insiders get v11605.xxxx
  • Release preview Insiders and production builds get v11602.xxxx

With every release, Store gets slightly faster and it's noteworthy that Dona Sarkar (the build manager) made specific mention of resource improvements for v11606. In addition, the amount of information shown for each item in the Store has been increasing, plus obvious bugs like app descriptions (and sometimes screenshots) being missing are now fixed. And this version will obviously roll out to the slow ring Insiders and then everyone else on Windows 10 Mobile in hopefully fairly short order.

Here's the new Store in action:


Item descriptions are back - thankfully. This was a huge bug and I can't believe it slipped through testing or even survived for a couple of weeks in the wild (in the Insiders world, at least). Anyway, you can now see what each app/game does; (right) amusingly, because Store updates itself through err.... the Store, you can tap through to its own entry! You'd have thought someone should have uploaded a placeholder screenshot though.... 8-)


Aside from a few minor cosmetic concerns, most application updates now include detailed 'what's new', which is great to see, though it obviously also requires input from developers.