Introducing Joe Blumenow and the AAWP Universal Windows Platform app

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OK, so Rafe and I said on the podcast that AAWP's site was so responsive that it didn't need its own UWP. But having seen what developer Joe Blumenow has done, we've changed our mind. Choice of themes, pinch and zoom, and much more to come - in the video below, I introduce Joe and he shows the UWP briefly. Don't worry, it'll be online for download in the Windows 10 Store in the next week, so please be patient!

Joe and I got together and I shot this video in somewhat rough and ready fashion - excuse the couple of instances where the Lumia 950 XL lost focus, but it's mostly crisp enough and you get a good look at Joe(!) and at the AAWP UWP application:

Comments welcome. The first public release of the application will be next week and we're dying for you, the AAWP community to suggest ways in which Joe can take the UWP further.


PS. Lumia 950 (XL) fans will want to know how I'd shoot rough and ready video like this again, but better. Tapping on my subject at the start of the video will lock focus and this would have helped, especially when transitioning to the device demo. I had digital video stabilisation turned on, but even though it makes the overall handheld shot steadier, there are occasional 'jelly-vision' distortions. I can sense another OIS vs DIS article coming on, you know, with real world footage and subjects!