How to: upload photos to Flickr - without (ahem) an app!

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This is horribly back to basics, but I'm stuck and I'd welcome input from others on sharing photos from the image-centric site Flickr with no working application in sight. Flickr Booth was my staple for years and then it got pulled by the developer, while Flickr Central has been broken by login changes at Yahoo's end (the owners of Flickr) and there's no sign of a response from the developer (again). So, in the theme and spirit of 'making do with Edge' week here on AAWP, here's a demo that you can in fact upload new photos to Flickr without a dedicated appplication. Sadly, unlike with Google+ and Amazon, the Flickr mobile web experience is an appalling 2006-era affair. Still, in the interests of taking one for the team, here's how it works...

(By the way, if you're one of the lucky few with a login cookie for Flickr Central on your phone and it's working.... DON'T reset your phone, otherwise you'll lose Flickr access through this application.)

So, with my heart firmly downbeat, here's how the uploading basics happen:

Flickr web siteFlickr web site

Logging in with my Yahoo account - some strictly limited functions, especially if you know Flickr's current web portfolio (groups, in particular)...

Flickr web siteFlickr web site

An almost WAP-like upload screen, but browsing for a photo on your phone and selecting it does work. The reminder about a custom email address for uploads is worth noting - yes, it's old-school, but might well be handy when you're travelling? Oh, and ignore the constant prompts about an 'app' - they're talking about the Android one in the Google Play Store!!

Flickr web siteFlickr web site

Once uploaded, there's the chance to edit the title and description, but that's about it...

Flickr web siteFlickr web site

Upload and editing done, it's online for my Flickr followers to see. No chance to add it to any groups though - that'll have to be done later on a laptop, sadly.

Was it worth it? Just about. Yahoo is in serious money and management trouble these days, I doubt improving their mobile-friendly web site is uppermist in their minds. 

Do shout if you have another, better solution for interfacing Flickr with Windows 10 Mobile...!