Look, get over it, Amazon's 8.1 'app' stopping working isn't a big deal

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I've officially lost count of the number of people who've contacted me to say that they received the email quoted below from Amazon - essentially the old Windows Phone 8.1 Amazon 'app' will stop working mid-August 2016. However, the application was never much more than a wrapper around the excellent Amazon (mobile-friendly) web site, so all that's really lost is a dedicated icon on your Start screen - and you can get this back by pinning your Microsoft Edge (etc.) favourite for Amazon instead. Under latest builds you even get the right 'favicon' to make your Start screen look its best.

Here's the emailed-in quote:

Our records indicate that you have previously installed the Amazon App for Windows Phone from the Microsoft App Store.

We will be retiring the app you currently have on your device, meaning its contents will no longer be updated. You will still have access to the app until 15 August, 2016.

We encourage you to visit Amazon.co.uk on your mobile browser where you will have access to our newest shopping features and customer experience.

They're not kidding either, the Amazon web site was always devolved to anyway when doing the actual buying and paying - so why not just use the web version all the time? I realise that this is something of an 'apologetics' answer, a way of explaining why there's no longer a Windows Phone 8.1 application, but it's valid. I've used the Amazon web site many times under Windows Phone and now Windows 10 Mobile and not once have I ever thought that the web-based UI was getting in the way. 

Here are some screenshots as proof:

Screenshot, Amazon webScreenshot, Amazon web

The URL bar at the bottom is just about the only way you can tell that you're using the 'raw' web version of Amazon rather than the app/wrapper version. Here in Edge on a Lumia 950 with Windows 10 Mobile

Screenshot, Amazon webScreenshot, Amazon web

Buying - one tap and something's in the basket, one more tap and it's ordered. Who needs an app?

Screenshot, Amazon webScreenshot, Amazon web

I'll admit that as you go off-piste a little within Amazon, screen formatting occasionally gets a little idiosyncratic, but it's rarely an issue.

Screenshot, Amazon web

Pinning the Amazon web site to the Windows 10 Mobile Start screen results in a recognisable icon/shortcut, even if resolution isn't the highest!

Comments welcome. Am I being too generous? I don't think so - I've always been a fan of using web services directly over the web if possible and circumventing the Store/app discoverability/update issues....

Of course, there's no reason why Amazon won't produce a UWP app wrapper/version in time, if only to appease those who 'want an app' and to increase their visibility. We shall see...