McLaren and Elite X3 'review' videos of interest?

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A couple of YouTube videos caught my eye, though neither are ultimately that impactful. Firstly, Clove got their hands on the Elite X3 and produced their own video overview, though note that they didn't have the Lapdock (as we did in our own overview and first impressions). Secondly, Windows Central got their hands on one of the prototypes of Nokia McLaren, a device from 2014 which was never launched but which did feature some cool near-screen capacitive sensing.

Here are the videos anyway, for your coffee break. Both labelled as 'Reviews' when neither is anything of the sort, but I'll let that slide for now!

Firstly from Clove, complete with arty shots of the device near water (it's going to SLIP, look out!!):

And from WC, the bit you need to watch is mainly near the end, where the 3D sense is demonstrated.

It's interesting that their information is that McLaren was partly cancelled because test users couldn't get their heads around the concept of the exploding tiles and '3D' UI. Shades of Apple and '3D Touch' on the latest iPhones, which also has some hard core fans but which is completely ignored by the majority? What do you think?