Triple-tripod mount and quick release come to the New Glif

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It's not often in 2016 that a new generic acccessory gets the venerable Lumia 1020 used in its flagship image, certainly not from the iOS and Android world, yet this is what has happened with the 'new Glif', shown below, such is the esteem that the 1020 has in the eyes of the smartphone imaging world, it seems.

New glif

The original Glif was designed as a combination kickstand and tripod mount, whereas the new version seems to be 100% imaging-centric, with not one but three tripod mounting points.

From Android Community:

There are two new things that basically differentiate this new one from the previous one: the quick release mechanism and the orientation support for both portrait and landscape. The quick release lever that comes with the New Glif makes it both easy and secure to attach and release your smartphone. When opened, the lever lets the jaws move freely so that it’s easy to both attach and remove your mobile device. But you also get the security when you close the lever, as it will automatically tighten around your device.

As for the orientation, portrait has not become a more accepted form of taking photos and videos after previously being a source of debate among mobile photographers and videographers, and even casual users. But because of video live streams like Periscope and Facebook Live, and of course the prevalence of Snapchat, it is now an accepted orientation. And the Glif is one of the few tripod mounts in the market that has a side mounted mechanism to allow your smartphone to be placed in portrait orientation.

The Kickstarter page for the New Glif is here and it's already funded, so it's a virtual certainty that you'll get what you 'pay' for. I'm certainly mulling it over, I currently use the Shoulderpod S1 with my Lumias....

Source / Credit: Android Community