AppRaisin gets search and WordFlow

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AppRaisin is an idea that I'm slowly warming to - a community of users and developers, even keener and quicker than those on AAWP, all noting and up-voting updates and new apps, round the clock, every day. In other words, you want to see what's new, there's a great chance you'll see it first in AppRaisin. Maybe not in incredible depth, but you'll see it and will be able to follow a link. In the update today, AppRaisin gets a long awaited feature: Search.

Here's the quoted changelog for v1.12.1, since the last time we featured AppRaisin here on AAWP, back in March:

New features:

  • Search the latest news by App/Game name, headline or description


  • Mobile: new ‘Close’ button to get back to the main view after viewing a spotlight item
  • Headline field when adding news now supports the Word Flow keyboard and spellchecking

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where an app removed from the Windows Store was missing news history on its App Info Card
  • Fixed issues raising Spotlight items and favouriting them
  • Fixed icons using different colours
  • Web card no longer shows “Built for W10” for all apps
  • Fixed a crash caused by opening different Spotlight items
  • Raised users list crash has been fixed
  • ‘Mark all as Read’ button now works correctly in Notification Hub

Here's the new version in action:


Well, what do you know? A Search function; (right) And it works...!


The usual macro filters are available too, there's a lot of control about what AppRaisin shows you. My existing concerns about the system being selective still apply, but it's a great resource still; (right) In addition to going 'back', there's now a cross, top right, in case that means of going back to the main view is more convenient for your grip.

You can grab AppRaisin in the Store here. Though do see also my own curated app directory.

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