Connecting via Continuum to a Windows 10 Anniversary Update laptop/PC

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One of the features that was touted for the big (Redstone) Anniversary Update was being able to use PCs around you (with permission) as Continuum displays. In practice, this is called 'Project to this PC' and is something I can't currently get to work at all - hence this story and a request for data points from others.

The prerequisites:

  • a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone running Anniversary Update (build 14393 and higher) - if it supports Continuum then the experience will be dramatically better but I can't tell you how much more until I get it all working!
  • a Windows 10 laptop or PC also running the Anniversary Update

The set-up needed is to head for 'Settings/System/Project to this PC'. There, from the drop-down pick lists, I'd suggest choosing

  • Available anywhere
  • First time only
  • Off
  • Off

...respectively. In order to get going, this should give the maximum chance of it all working. 

Once these settings are in place, you tap on 'Connect' in the Windows 10 Mobile Action Center and then the phone will search for and find the newly configured PC. There's a pop-up on the PC 'the first time only' to acknowledge and then, in theory, you should be seeing an instance of the phone screen on your PC at the very least.

Trying to connect

In practice, over two different phones and on three different Windows 10 Anniversary Update-running laptops, I hit various issues:

  • The warning message 'This device might have trouble displaying your content because its hardware wasn't specifically designed for wireless projection' is permanently displayed in the PC Settings pane.
  • The phone's 'Connect' feature never finds the PC after the first time and has to be restarted in order to even try again.
  • That long warning 'This device might have trouble' also appears on the full-screen projection display on the laptop.
  • Nothing actually connects, nothing displays. Ever. Connecting... ... ... ...

I suspect it's just that all of Microsoft's balls aren't yet lined up in a row - with the next desktop and/or mobile build maybe all this will start working. Another possibility is that even my 18 month old HP Pavilion laptop is not new enough to support the system, but then that raises the question of how new and highly specified the host PC has to be.

Microsoft doesn't seem to have issued any guidelines on this point which is why I'd like to open the whole system to data points from the community here. As and when you get the Anniversary Update installed on your own PC(s), why not give all this a try and report back. Can we find anyone who's gotten this working yet, and if so, on which spec PC?

PS. If your PC hasn't yet been offered the Anniversary Update, you can get it immediately from your Update History etc.