Now THAT'S how to do a Windows 10 Mobile flagship advert...

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There's a new advert video for the HP Elite X3 and it's rather superb - featuring a believable lady executive the advert takes you through all the things she gets up with the Elite X3 and the ways in which she's productive during the day. Have a watch below.

Terrific stuff. So much of what is shown has been said by us on the AAWP podcast and in main content over the last 12 months. If I'd been given £10000 then this is exactly the sort of promo video I'd have directed - it's perfect. And HP even got in some footage of HP Workspace, too.

Begging the question of why Microsoft wasn't able to tell the same story with as much punch, given that they had six months head start?

The production values here, the consistency of the message and all the other activity on HP's sites really lends weight to the thought that HP is 'all in' on the Elite X3. This is no incidental hardware release on the back of some Android handsets - HP is genuinely trying to make this work in a big way.

In terms of timing, we expect review samples to be available in the next few weeks, though the Lapdock still looks to be another month further out.

Still, are you going to get one? And comments welcome on the video above - were you as impressed as me?

Source / Credit: MSPU