Vinci produces 'interesting' 1MP interpretations of your photos

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Vinci is another in the recent trend in the mobile world of 'neural network image processors', a front end to a powerful engine sitting on servers elsewhere in the world, with 20 different 'artistic styles' with which to transform your photos on a Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 10 Mobile device. It's cool and quick, but do see the caveats below.

From the Store description:

Turn your photos into a piece of art using neural networks and artificial intelligence. Dozens of inspiring filters for instant photo editing:

  • Enhance your photos.
  • Apply artistic filters and compare different art styles.
  • Have fun and add unique photo effects.
  • Share the results with your friends.

You'll get the idea from the screenshots here - nice results but with some serious caveats:

  • there's no way to adjust how 'much' of each arty effect is applied - it's all or nothing.
  • you have to be comfortable with your images being sent up to the Vinci server network for processing - in this case, in Russia.
  • output is currently limited to 1MP square results - designed for social sharing, but also to reduce the load on the servers and keep results quick to download.

Anyway, on with the Vinci app:

Screenshot, Vinci neural networkScreenshot, Vinci neural network

A nice simple interface - snap a photo or choose from the Photos gallery; (right) a photo chosen and ready for neural network processing....

Screenshot, Vinci neural networkScreenshot, Vinci neural network

20 different art styles are available, though there's nothing really to fiddle with; (right) after 'Saving' a look in Photos shows that the output from each photo is (understandably) square and only 1MP. But hey, it's fine for Twitter or Instagram etc.

Screenshot, Vinci neural network

My 4 year old niece by the paddling pool! Whether any of the results are to your taste after the initial novelty factor is another matter. I'd file this under 'curiosity'!

You can grab this in the Store here if you're happy  to try it out.

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