NexDock video verdict - avoid and wait for the HP Lapdock

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We covered the NexDock a few times in the past, e.g. linking to WC's first hands-on at a show - it's a budget lapdock that's designed to be cross-platform, meaning that an extra adaptor is needed to hook up a HDMI cable to the Lumia 950 (etc)'s USB Type C port. Further, its build quality seems to be low and performance with Continuum is currently 'flaky' at best, according to a new video review by DFalcon304 (Daniel) below. About what I expected, not least given the low screen resolution, which is why I didn't buy one in the first place. As Daniel says, best wait for the HP Elite X3 Lapdock in a few months - that's much higher specification all round. AND it will charge your phone while connected.

Here's Daniel's video review of the NexDock anyway, see what you think. You can't really fault the value, even at $120, but it's clearly not a viable solution for Continuum road warriors. Maybe Android users will have more luck with it?

You can see more of the NexDock here on the official site

The reviewer, Daniel, has the right idea in terms of what he focusses on above and he too believes that a really nicely built lap dock might be the perfect solution for many of us who want to do as much as possible while mobile. We have the HP solution and Acer's Liquid Extender both coming soon, of course, so this space is only going to heat up....