Lumia 950 now down to (from) £295 on Amazon UK

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The prices of the Lumia 950 and 950 Xl have been creeping down over the nine months since launch in typical tech world fashion. And, to be honest, they've never been worth buying more - I know this is AAWP and we're biased, but a Lumia 950 for £295 including VAT and with the onboard Lumia Offers app still* giving you a free Display Dock and a year of Office 365 (with 1TB OneDrive) means that you're effectively only paying as low as £140 for the phone itself. Which is madness and incredible value in our opinion...

Plus there's the software element, in that Windows 10 Mobile is really much more mature and glitch-free nowadays. Certainly when compared to the incomplete mess that it was back in December 2015.

* Well, last time I checked, anyway. As I write this the Lumia Offers 'service' is showing an error. The contents of the 'Offers' vary from month to month - I managed to pick up two lots of Office 365 year-subs and a dock a few months ago, but this aspect is a little bit of a gamble. Microsoft could remove either or both of the freebies at any stage (for example because stock of the Dock is getting low). Getting both freebies is the best case scenario!

Here's the generic Lumia 950 page.

And here's the Lumia 950 in white for £295 and in black for £299.

Here's the screen proof:

Amazon screenshot

Great price - I can't believe I originally laid down £499 for the Lumia 950 before launch. At £295 (or £299) this is a steal if you love good imaging in a smartphone camera.

PS. Back when the Lumia 950 was announced, I believe I said on the podcast that it should come out at £299 but I knew that Microsoft would over-price it. And they did - massively, as they always do. And now that the software's finally baked, we have it reaching my original estimate!

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