Now is the right time to start considering Windows (for) phones

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Yes, Jerry Nixon is an unashamed Windows Phone and now Windows 10 Mobile fan - but he also writes an eloquent blog post or two. In this case running through all the reasons why 'now is the right time to start considering Windows phone' - it's a very useful link to point people towards if they're wondering whether Windows 10 Mobile and a Lumia 950 or 950 XL might be right for them.

From Jerry's post, starting out with the goal of simplifying his family's smartphone life:

Family safety

For my kids, Windows phone was a no-brainer. They’re young. My goal was to keep them safe online, and every Windows device has Family Safety so I can trust devices in their hands. If they had IPads, Kindles, Androids, and an PS4 – I would need to figure out all those parental control systems. I would have missed something creating a hole. With a Surface, a Windows phone, and an Xbox my kids have one child account I can manage and monitor.

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Does the IPhone have parental controls? You bet. So does Android and the Kindle. But do they coordinate? When I limit my kids to 1 hour a day, is that across devices? Yes, on Windows.

Family safety:

He then goes through all the USPs of Windows 10 Mobile, before finishing with:


Microsoft has laid off a lot of Nokia employees and it should make you ask "Is Microsoft getting out of the phone business?" For every feature and every control we have in Visual Studio, heavy investment is being put into optimizing them for phone. A dozen first-party Microsoft apps are being constantly enhanced for mobile consumption. Service partner after partner is being courted back to the platform. OEM partners have already announced their future Windows Phones, especially for business. Development APIs are thick with phone-specific functionality and capabilities. I am personal friends with the Windows phone team and and they are pushing out constant innovations for the forthcoming releases.

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That being said, there's no telling what the future holds. All the signs point to continued investment and tailored market engagements that leverage the signature experiences that make Windows better. I see plenty of signs that Microsoft isn't trying to confront the IPhone head on. I also see plenty of evidence that Windows phone remains important to the business.

The time is right

To me, Anniversary Update is the best version of Windows 10 and the best version of Windows. Now is the right time to start considering Windows phone. The apps have matured. The operating system has reached a happy place. The hardware is impressive. The work experience is just stellar. And, that’s what I think.

Look, I know you are not me. Perhaps the way you manage your family is different. Perhaps the apps you need are different. Maybe you don’t even care about Office. This was about me. This was about what I am thinking, why I am making the choice I am making. Perhaps this will help you make the best decision for you.

You can read the (long) full blog post here. It's full of good points, though there are certainly flaws in W10M adoption for a family with teenagers - they'll want Snapchat and Pokemon GO and many other trendy apps and services. Sigh...

Source / Credit: Jerry Nixon