Continuum Winception

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Going by the name of TechAltar is a video blogger who was new to me. But he's very insightful, seems to use a Lumia 950 as his main smartphone and, more to the point, has penned a very nice look at the progress of, and vision for, Continuum. it's the future, you know?! Well, maybe!

Here's TechAltar's video anyway, grab a cup of something to drink, maximise it, and settle down:

To summarise, he's impressed by the progress made, but cautious about performance on the Lumia 950 (the XL and Elite X3 should be fine), and sceptical that, even with three different ways of 'hooking up', users and businesses will adopt the new system. There's a definite aura of 'this is the future' though, and this is partly what inspires him to stick with Windows 10.

Comments? At the very least, it's worth subscribing to his YouTube channel here.

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