Typeeto, the ultimate solution in search of a use case?

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Typeeto is a newly free Mac utility that lets you type into any Windows 10 Mobile smartphone using a connected Mac/Macbook keyboard - which is pretty cool and it works fairly well, even using control keys like the Mac 'cmd' key for Windows Start and Enter to simulate a tap. Controlling your smartphone from a Mac keyboard? Sounds cool, right? Except that I c

From the Mac app store description:

Typeeto is an app that enables you to use your Mac keyboard as a Bluetooth keyboard for other devices such as iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Android device, etc. Now use a full-scale keyboard to type in a text and it will be displayed real-time on your device screen. You do not need to install any other apps on your device – just connect it to Mac and start typing.

With Typeeto you can:

• Write long messages on Mac and send them from mobile devices
• Copy-paste a text from Mac to connected devices
• Use a full-scale keyboard to manage your Apple TV or game consoles connected to TV (except PS3 & PS4)
• Manage music playback on your devices

Why Typeeto?

• Connect any number of devices to Mac
• Switch between devices in a single click or a hot key press
• Save your time & effort - you do not need to set up an extra keyboard separately

Pairing up a Windows 10 Mobile-running smartphone via Bluetooth is child's play, of course. You can ignore that the Store description talks about iPhone and Android - this system relies purely on the support for a Bluetooth keyboard:


Essentially Typeeto makes your Mac's keyboard appear to the phone as just another Bluetooth keyboard. It connected first time for me and there's a helpful blue animation in a pop-up window whenever keystrokes are detected on the Mac keyboard:


Here I'm typing away on an iMac keyboard, itself connected via Bluetooth to the main computer, which then passes on the keystrokes via Bluetooth to the HP Elite X3 - the lag is there but it's tiny and not noticeably more than when using a more direct Bluetooth accessory solution.


The most interesting part of the solution was the promise of being able to paste clipboard content from the Mac directly into the phone - this is via a configurable hotkey - the default cmd-v from the Mac can't be used because 'cmd' is already mapped to Start, so I ended up with ctrl-v and I tried a few others - and none of them worked, merely entering a carriage return into the connected Windows 10 Mobile smartphone. Very odd.


Must be something I'm doing wrong - data points welcome if you try this too?

Comments welcome - can you think of a use for Typeeto in your life? I'm struggling, to be honest - this is Continuum in reverse, if anything, and the use case for that isn't that clear-cut!!

Source / Credit: Mac Store