Have you been 'Hacked?'

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Here's a new and interesting UWP app - 'Hacked?' looks into public lists of known email system breaches and lets you know whether your account was one of those stolen. Of course, just because an email address is in one of these databases doesn't actually mean you've been hacked, since your passwords were probably encrypted on the relevant servers. But Hacked? might still be a useful heads-up to at least make sure your password has been changed recently enough and that two factor and backup/recovery methods are valid.

From the Store description:

Businesses are getting hacked more frequently these days. This app will detect if any of your email addresses are detected is a breach and let you know immediately. Armed with this information, you can change your password(s) immediately. 

  • Easy to use:  All you need to do is enter the email address you want monitored
  • Hands-off:  Background monitoring of all your email addresses
  • Safe: The app uses the industry-trusted Troy Hunt's massive haveibeenpwned database of breaches
  • Updated: the haveibeenpwned database scans pastes frequently, you'll always have fresh data to compare against
  • Privacy: This app will never share your email addresses with anyone outside of the haveibeenpwned API (which itself uses the secure HTTPS protocol)

Helpfully, the only permission that Hacked? itself asks for is permission to use your phone's Internet connection, so there's nothing nefarious going on. Here are some screens of the app in action:

Screenshot, Hacked?Screenshot, Hacked?

Hacked? seems to be under serious and frequent development, great to see; (right) two old hacks that involved my main email account. Nothing to worry about though - both passwords have been changed since!

Screenshot, Hacked?Screenshot, Hacked?

Details of all breaches trawled are available under the 'i' icons; (right) background monitoring is perhaps a little over the top (and is off by default) but it's good to know that the facility is there!

Screenshot, Hacked?Screenshot, Hacked?

One the hamburger menu is a pick list of accounts that you've entered into the app, with a summary and links to scan each again (or delete them); (right) Go Lancelot!

It's free, you can grab Hacked? yourself from the Store in the usual way. Potentially very useful indeed.

Source / Credit: Microsoft