Windows 10 Maps updated with dark theme and traffic summary

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It's a fair cop - this was released to 'Fast ring' Insiders a few days ago, but I'm just catching up after a week of iPhone 7 comparison madness... Windows 10 Maps has received quite a major update for everyone, i.e. not just Insiders, with a dark theme (yes, the map already went dark at night, but now the UI is dark as well, and all day if you'd rather save power on your AMOLED screen) and with a useful traffic summary for your most likely next journey.

Here's the quoted changelog:

  • Enjoy dark or light app colors—they now change to match your system settings. If you prefer your apps to be dark rather than light you can now have the Maps app follow your system setting for theme preference or always be light/dark. Plus you can choose to change the map theme too!
  • Quickly check traffic for your commute, including live cameras, where available. We have always treated your Home and Work places special and now you can check the traffic to your Home or Work locations at any time. Just tap on Traffic in the app bar and you can see traffic conditions to Home and Work and your most recently viewed traffic cameras so that you can stay on top of the road conditions along your route.

Here's the big new version of Windows 10 Maps in action on my Lumia 950:

Screenshot, Windows 10 MapsScreenshot, Windows 10 Maps

'Traffic' is a new entry on the '...' pop-up menu. And no, I don't know why it's not done as a 'hamburger'/swipe-over menu either... Think of this as a one-stop summary of your most commonly done journey - usually your commute. So to work if you're at home and vice versa. You get a textual traffic summary and suggested route, with shortcut to get going and your two most recently accessed traffic cameras. Quite neat!

Screenshot, Windows 10 MapsScreenshot, Windows 10 Maps

Helpfully, there's the usual choice of dark, light or just following the system setting - always dark on my AMOLED-screened phones, of course; (right) the map AND user interface all now dark!

Great to see these updates.