'Fast' Insiders get Groove Music facelift

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More and more core Windows 10 applications are being previewed via the 'Fast' ring of the Insiders programme, making this the one to be on (editorial coming soon). Today sees a big facelift for Groove Music (née XBox Music), with new shading and colouring, subtle new transitions and a (ooh) new version numbering system...

Grab this in the Store if you're a Fast ring Insider. The new version of Groove Music for Windows 10 (Mobile) is v10.16092.1022.0, with changelog best shown off visually here:

Screenshot, GrooveScreenshot, Groove

Artist art is now given a colour boost and a slight opaque screen keyed to the dominant colour in the main image. The effect isn't necessarily shown off that well by the example above, but it can work well. Mind you, it would be nice if this was a setting....

Screenshot, GrooveScreenshot, Groove

Ignore the font changes in these screens, by the way, they're from a Lumia 950 (left) and 950 XL (right). Note the change of the playback control bar from fixed Microsoft blue to a shade that matches the art's dominant colour (again). This aspect works well. Ditto the art background. It's slightly more... immersive.

Screenshot, GrooveScreenshot, Groove

Also new is that there's an interstitial pair of links for the Feedback section, deep linking and directing you accordingly; (right) the new version number system: made up from 10. (20)16 (i.e. year) 09 (month) 2 (half of month), followed by a build number (I'm guessing).

PS. If, for any reason, Groove Music is broken for you, it's worth bookmarking WC's handy guide to resetting the system completely.