SpotBright UWP grabs hundreds of Bing Spotlight images to your phone

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Having your Windows 10 Mobile smartphone's lockscreen set to 'Bing', you'll be getting the 'Windows Spotlight' images each day, but there have been some crackers, which you may wish to have local copies of on your phone? Or perhaps you want a faster swap between images? Either way, new UWP utility SpotBright has you covered.

From the minimalist Store entry:

You love the daily locksreen rotation of Windows Spotlight, but desperately can't find a good way to download those beautiful pictures permanently? Well, then this is an app just for you!

Here's SpotBright in action:

Screenshot, SpotBrightScreenshot, SpotBright

First step is to 'Search for pictures' - this grabs all the available Spotlight images from Microsoft's servers - 246 at the time of writing (though you actually get twice this in terms of downloads - see below)

Screenshot, SpotBrightScreenshot, SpotBright

The downloaded images appear in your Photos app in a 'SpotBright' folder, for easy reference. Note again the apparent duplicates, I'm coming to that below! (right) in the Settings are functions to auto-scan in the background and notify you when new photos are available, but also (as a 'pro' feature) to auto-change your lockscreen and wallpaper much more often than daily. Keep it fresh!

Screenshot, SpotBrightScreenshot, SpotBright

The reason for the apparent duplicates is that each image is grabbed in both original and vertically-cropped form (the latter being set for portrait smartphone Start screens). In other words, the best of both worlds - the former is used for the auto-swapping of wallpaper, the latter for you to enjoy looking at in landscape and perhaps use somewhere else, in a private document or photo frame or whatever.

You can grab SpotBright for free here, though note that the auto-setting of wallpaper or lockscreen requires the in-app-purchase ($1) to the 'pro' version.

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