TeamViewer QuickSupport UWP allows remote control of a W10M phone

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Yes, the idea of having your phone taken over by someone else is normally anathema, but in the event of a serious problem, for example while on the road, might just be a lifeline, especially for a company-supplied Windows 10 Mobile phone. TeamViewer QuickSupport is a new UWP app that allows an authorised support person armed with TeamViewer on their computer to view your phone screen and even take control. To help, of course!

From the Store listing:

Get remote support for your device from any computer! Enable remote control of your Windows device. Allow a technician to access and control your device as if it were in their hands. 

• Live screen sharing

• Remote control

• Exchange information securely using the clipboard

• Secured connection with 256 bit AES session encoding

Get support for your device from any computer (Windows, Mac, Linux). Transfer the screen from your Windows 10 mobile and have a trusted person take over control of your device.

Quick Guide: 

  1. Download and launch the app
  2. The other side, (e.g. the support technician), needs to visit
  3. Pass your ID on to your trusted technician


I've used TeamViewer before and it really is this easy...


...the key is to pass the ID over to the other party by other means (e.g. over the phone), so the system's pretty secure. Once hooked up, the connection is private and encrypted.

Although I can't imagine any AAWP readers needing remote help/control in this manner, it's good to know that the application exists, if only so that you can help other people in your life using Windows 10 Mobile. (As noted by MSPU, if you want to control your phone from another Windows 10 Mobile device, then update your TeamViewer Remote Control app to the latest version, which adds support for Mobile to Mobile Remote Connections.)

You can grab TeamViewer QuickSupport here in the Store

Source / Credit: MSPU