Mini-review: Count-It UWP

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Admittedly, the use case for an incrementing counter is fairly small - think events and perhaps scientific or statistical experiments, but Count-It does go the extra mile, with a choice of themes, numbers and styles of counter. All implemented for Windows 10 Mobile in a full UWP and Continuum-friendly application that's free and minimally ad-supported.

From the Store description:

Count-It is a fun and easy to use counting app. You can use it to count just about anything ranging from sports scores, event attendance totals, inventory and much more. With the ability to keep track of 1-6 individual counters, color coding and custom descriptors you'll love Count-It's versatility and simplicity.

Count-It also allows you to save roaming snap shots of your counters that will roam across all of your Windows 10 devices. You can also archive your snapshots to the cloud or any other file location your device has access to and load them back up at a later date.

If you are looking for an app to help you count things, look no further!

Here's Count-It in action:

Screenshot, Count-ItScreenshot, Count-It

There's a choice of light and dark themes, tried out here - obviously the latter is a lot more power efficient on AMOLED screened phones. Operation is trivial, you just tap on the + and - controls as needed, for each counter.

Screenshot, Count-ItScreenshot, Count-It

Having set the theme and number of counters (max of six), you can set a custom colour for each, which helps a lot when it comes to using it in real life without having to read or check descriptions each time; (right) there's a 'snapshot' system, wherein you can save and archive the state of the counters at any point. For example, at the start of a lunch break or after each hour or whatever. 

The 'Reset Counters' function is a full reset, not only zeroing them all but also removing descriptions and colour customisations. If you just want to reset an individual counter, use its own 'reset' control. It has all been quite well thought out and I was impressed. Curiously, despite the 'remove ads' function on the hamburger menu, there don't seem to be any within the application, at least not on my test device. Maybe these kick in after a few uses?

You can grab Count-It free in the Store here.

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