HP fixes up Elite X3 lockscreen camera crash with new firmware

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Possibly one of the most annoying bugs in the existing HP Elite X3 firmware was that you couldn't launch the Camera application from the lockscreen, despite the shortcut there. Try to do so, take a snap and you'd invariably then be faced with the whole phone rebooting. Happily, this has now been fixed in a firmware update to 0002.0000.0018.0105, available over the air to all Elite X3 owners. Along with the camera operations fix, there are undoubtedly other minor driver fixes.


Of course, there's still a lot more than could have been included and which HP still needs to work on:

  • PDAF in the camera (Phase Detection, will speed up focussing)
  • the option of different still capture resolutions
  • stereo audio capture for video
  • better fidelity from the speakers, or at least a choice of equalisation presets

Will HP get round to the above things to fix in firmware? Maybe. They're not exactly core to the business/productivity use case. But I live in hope!

In the meantime, at least there's a quick way into the camera from the lockscreen, so I'm grateful for that.

PS. WindowsCentral claims to have the official changelog, which mentions a number of fixes but not the main camera one! Go figure.