Torrent Platinum UWP needs some extra DIY

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Currently on sale as I write this at £4 or so (it's normally over twice the price) is Torrent Platinum, a UWP torrent client. What's a torrent? A configuration file and downloading system on the Internet much beloved of software and media pirates. But lest I be accused of encouraging piracy, torrents can also be used for legal purposes, as a distributed, peer-to-peer way of optimising the download of large binaries. Anyway, there's a UWP torrent client here and I gave it a whirl.

From the Store description:

Choose Torrent Platinum and download files comfortably!

Torrent Platinum is a new easy to use and having a friendly interface the torrent client that will help you quickly and easily download different files (movies, music, TV shows, books and much more).

Torrent Platinum is:

  • High speed download files;
  • Modern design;
  • Simple and intuitive interface.

You finally found the most convenient way to download content to your device! It now remains to click "Install" Torrent Platinum and enjoy!

Here's Torrent Platinum in action - it's certainly up to the job from the description, though you should note that it really does only handle the torrent comms and downloads - there's no help finding torrent config files in the first place or on finding or viewing whatever you downloaded.

Torrent Platinum screenshotTorrent Platinum screenshot

So... first on the agenda is nothing to do with the app itself - here I am in Edge finding a legal torrent file to download...

Torrent Platinum screenshotTorrent Platinum screenshot

..and then tapping on it to save it to a local disk (or OneDrive or wherever). Note that this isn't the torrent's contents, it's just the small file with all the information about it. What's needed to interpret this is a torrent client. So (right) into Torrent Platinum and pick the file we just saved.

Torrent Platinum screenshotTorrent Platinum screenshot

The torrent then starts downloading from one or more sources online. For a large movie file this might need many sources and many hours; here my 130MB archive file only took about a minute; (right) Windows 10 Mobile notifies you (via the app) when the torrent download successfully completes.

Torrent Platinum screenshotTorrent Platinum screenshot

And then it's into File Explorer, i.e. we're away from the app itself again, here diving into the downloaded compressed archive of content (with music videos and animations).

Torrent Platinum screenshot

Continuum works too, though I can't imagine that anyone would spend much time hooked into this and downloading torrents. Still, it proves the Torrent Platinum's UWP status.

Although the handling of torrents is rather DIY, this is in the nature of the beast, so to speak. The torrent downloading itself is handled quickly and efficiently - I'd just have liked to have seen an attempt at either (or both of) finding torrents via a search engine or browsing whatever had been grabbed. Ah well.

You can buy Torrent Platinum here in the Store. Is it worth the commercial purchase price? That depends on whether you want to be able to download torrents on-the-go and how much effort you're prepared to put into managing the workflow.

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