Official Twitter UWP app gets Giphy and Riffsy support

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As widely reported overnight, the official Twitter application for Windows 10 Mobile got itself a sizeable upgrade, with Giphy (and Riffsy) support built-in (don't knock it until you've tried it, it's surprising fun!) and with a new option to 'send you notifications about what's happening in the world'.

The short summarised changelog for this new version is:

  • Add an animated GIF (from Giphy or Riffsy) to a Tweet (note that this, like other images, no longer counts towards your 140 characters of the tweet itself.
  • A new Notification option for "what's happening in the world" - so presumably world-shattering tweets will pop up as toasts and as notifications in Action Center (though until we get such a tweet or event we won't actually know!)

Here's the new version of the Twitter UWP app in action:


Time to add some life, some animation to a tweet? Tap on the new 'GIF" control in the toolbar; (right) you're taken to a composite browser of GIFs from Giphy and Riffsy, sorted by category.


Tap through, have a browse and then pick the animated GIF you want; (right) "Well played!" and there's now a chap clapping right in the tweet and with no effect on your character count. 


Here's that new notification option - what makes it through as newsworthy is very much up to Twitter, of course.

Do note that you can't have more than one animated GIF (chosen this way) per tweet though - otherwise Twitter timelines would soon start to get very silly indeed!

You can grab or update the Twitter UWP client here in the Store.

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