Day in a life of a Salesperson?

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Subtitled 'Stay connected to clients and the office with the HP Elite X3', the video embedded below is yet another in a series of HP promotional videos for the phone/system, but it's so well done that I simply had to share it. I'm really pleased to see HP throwing so much money and such high production values at promo videos for the X3, it shows they're deadly serious about the 3-in-1 system catching on in the business world.

Here's the new video anyway, from HP Business's YouTube channel:

In other news, we're again told that a review Elite X3 Lap dock is 'imminent', though don't hold your breath, we've heard that before! Also incoming are a number of official Elite X3 cases, which I'll test here on AAWP.

PS. See also my own detailed series of Elite X3 reviews, all linked here on AAWP.

Source / Credit: YouTube