The Alcatel IDOL 4S with Windows 10 starts to leak worldwide

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So we've had the Alcatel IDOL 4S with Windows 10 shipped in the USA under the T-Mobile network but until today we hadn't had any confirmation that the device was going to ship anywhere else in the world. Now a tweet from Alcatel in France seems to indicate that this is changing, with a hashtag of #staytuned...

(image from From the WC review)

Here's the tweet concerned:

I did do a round-up of reviews of the Alcatel IDOL 4S with Windows 10 here, plus I looked at the camera in this unit in the guise of the essentially identical Blackberry DTEK60 last week, in which it didn't do badly but ended up quite inferior to the high end Lumia imaging.

In the wake of Microsoft stopping making the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, this at least gives a potential alternative at the mid-to-high end to the premium business-centric HP Elite X3. Here's hoping that the price in Europe will be sensible, that availability will be right across the continent (the tweet translates to 'several countries'), and that Windows 10 Camera does a better job with the physical imaging hardware in the IDOL 4S than Blackberry's camera app did in the DTEK60.

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Source / Credit: Twitter