Yandex.Maps now a full UWP for Windows 10

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Yandex.Maps has been a mapping staple for Russia and surrounding territories for years, but we now have a full Continuum-aware UWP application. So, if you're travelling in the direction of Moscow, definitely give this free application a whirl - it's effectively Google Maps or Windows 10 Maps but with incredibly detailed coverage of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Turkey.

From the Store description:

Find the places you need:

  • Access a huge database of organizations and use filters to narrow your search.
  • Look up important details like contacts, office hours, service information, photos and reviews.
  • Search places and addresses even when offline.
  • View locations saved in 'My Places' on any desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Driving directions:

  • Quickly reach your destination with multiple route options that account for traffic.
  • Step by step navigation guides you along your route.
  • Keep updated in real time with color-coded traffic information, and see and hear information on accidents, speed limits, radar, cameras, road blocks, etc.

Public transport and walking direction:

  • Choose from multiple route options that take traffic jams and public transport connections into account.
  • View scheduled service times and estimated time of arrival at every transport stop.
  • See individual buses and trams on the map, in real time.
  • Find the fastest route on foot, taking advantage of squares, parks and footpaths between buildings.

Offline maps:

  • Save space on your device thanks to compact maps (Moscow, for example, now takes up 159 MB).
  • Browse the selected region’s offline directory of businesses and organizations, with office hours, service information, and other details.
  • Download maps for over 1800 cities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Turkey.

Here's Yandex.Maps in action:

Screenshot, Yandex.MapsScreenshot, Yandex.Maps

The application starts at the centre of the coverage area in terms of main data, though you also have road data for the rest of the world, delivered on demand, though don't expect as up to date road information as on Windows 10 or Google Maps; (right) detail and POIs are first rate in Russia and environs though.

Screenshot, Yandex.MapsScreenshot, Yandex.Maps

Categorised POIs impress, with a wealth of data on every entry.

Screenshot, Yandex.MapsScreenshot, Yandex.Maps

My ability to review this application is limited by err... my inability to speak Russian, but everything looks to be in place, even full aerial mapping.

Screenshot, Yandex.MapsScreenshot, Yandex.Maps

There's a choice of themes/modes, plus many other customisation settings.

Screenshot, Yandex.Maps

Proving that Yandex.Maps is a full Windows 10 UWP app, here running with a Continuum display attached to my Lumia 950 XL.


Impressive if you can speak the language, to take advantage of all the navigation and POIs. You can grab Yandex.Maps (for WP 8.1 or Windows Phone 10) here in the Store.


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