AliExpress Shopping UWP makes buying from China easier

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AliExpress Shopping is a new UWP app from the huge Alibaba network in China, the marketplace that supplies just about everything, from components to finished products. Think of it as a Chinese eBay but on steroids and a vastly larger scale. And you can now browse and buy on your Windows 10 phone, tablet or laptop.

From the Store description:

The AliExpress app is an online shopping marketplace at your fingertips. Millions of people from all around the world have found some of their favorite items through us. Perhaps some of your neighbors or friends have already fallen in love with shopping on AliExpress. Here’s why:

Our customers have access to great products at incredible prices. Buying directly from sellers in China means you can buy the same products you can get anywhere else, but for much lower prices!

Buyers on AliExpress have access to a choice of 100+ million products. You can find just about anything you wish for among our large product selection. You can get anything from clothing, shoes and accessories, to car parts, electronics and baby care items. You can even find a range of different customizable products too.

Another reason to fall in love with AliExpress is that we give free shipping on over 75% of our products! In addition, the AliExpress app offers great value with daily deals, regular promotions and thousands of coupon giveaways.

AliExpress makes shopping easy and convenient all around the world.

Here's AliExpress Shopping UWP in action:


Buying from China directly means ENORMOUS choice. For example, the really hard to find replacement Lumia batteries - dozens of options here. How many are genuine? I'd guess on over half, actually, though as usual, never go for the cheapest!


Items have multiple photos and full details, there's no shortage of information at any stage.


A hamburger menu provides top level navigation and there's more or less full conformance to Windows 10 style guides; (right) the shopping basket and ecommerce system - all you need is a credit card!


As usual, proof that AliExpress is a full UWP app with Continuum support!

You can grab AliExpress here in the Store.

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