A new Continuum lap dock debuts at CES 2017 - the Mirabook

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French startup Miraxess has announced a new (Indiegogo-funded) laptop dock at CES 2017, demonstrating the 'Mirabook' with Microsoft's Continuum and a Lumia 950 XL. Yes, you can't even put down money for this for a few months, but it's still one to watch. The Mirabook has a 13" 1080p screen, with HDMI, twin USB-A and USB Type-C ports, and an SD card slot as a bonus. There's even a 'flying' USB Type C cable, which packs into the lap dock's body. This looks to be almost the perfect lap dock for Windows 10 Mobile users - we just need pricing and availability now.

There's a short video from Notebook Italia too (below), which (kind of) demos the lap dock - I'd like to have seen more of this, and have bookmarked the relevant Miraxess web site and blog.

Maybe it's just techno-lust at seeing new compatible tech for Windows 10 Mobile flagship owners to plug into, but in terms of ports and cables this looks even better appointed for road use than HP's Lap dock, which is going to be more expensive, whatever price Miraxess's solution comes out at.

Interesting timing too, given the HP Lap dock is now only a day or two away (after a few months delay) here at AAWP Towers. 2017 is to be the year that your smartphone becomes your laptop, perhaps?

Source / Credit: Notebook Italia