It's not a Surface Phone, but still... the ARROWS Tab V 567/P

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Well, well, well. It's no 'Surface Phone', but photos of the (catchily named) 'Fujitsu ARROWS Tab V 567/P' have surfaced from an Asian trade show, a 6"-screened phablet running full Windows 10. Of course, this is something of a concept and currently runs the full Desktop shell, plus it's all running on an Intel chipset and doesn't have full telephony, so don't get too excited. But, with the form factor, with a dock to extend the ports and display, it's yet another glimpse of a possible future for pocket computing. It interested me anyway, I'm a sucker for miniature tech!


From the MSPU story:

The ARROWS Tab V 567 / P runs Windows 10 Pro 64 bit powered by an Intel Atom x5 – Z8550 processor ( clocked at 1.44 GHz to 2.40 GHz) and with 4 GB RAM, 64 GB eMMC storage and with a 6 inch Full HD (1,920 × 1,080) display. It also has an 8 megapixel rear camera, swipe fingerprint reader, a USB-C port, microSD card memory expansion and a lanyard hole...

The MIL-STD-810G rugged device is IP 54 rated and can withstand drops from up to 120 cm (4 feet).  It measures 85.4 × 180 × 15.9 mm and the weight is about 280 g. Battery life is about 4.3 hours from a 15 Wh lithium-ion battery.

It is compatible with a drop-in docking station (above) which replicates the ports and adds DisplayPort, HDMI, mini D-Sub 15 pins, USB 3.0 x 3, USB 3.0 Type-C x 1, Gigabit Ethernet, audio input and output and of course also charges the device.

The device is aimed at use in hospitals, warehouses and stores, and can withstand being cleaned with alcohol or other disinfectants.  Because it runs Windows 10 Pro it can integrate with Active Directory for easier management, and I can imagine the device would work well for the corridor warrior who may access data using a UWP app while on the go and then have access to full desktop apps when docked.

So not directly relevant to AAWP, but certainly worth a name check here. Apparently, the mini PC has Wi-fi and Bluetooth but no HSPA/LTE, though it does have a speaker and mouth piece top/bottom, and could be used with Skype VOIP or similar in a 'phone' mode.

Now, knock off 50g and 5mm of thickness, add telephony, and make it all run on an ARM chip using the Windows 10 Mobile Start shell as the front end UI and... we'd be getting somewhere! Note that even this isn't cheap though, around £1000 in UK money, making even the HP Elite x3 look like a bargain. So yes, cut the price in half too - something which will happen in time if and when volumes ramp up and this sort of thing becomes more commonplace in the workplace.

Source / Credit: MSPU