Lunchtime viewing: the glossy Elite x3 promo

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The video promo embedded below isn't new, but I don't think I've included it here before - perhaps partly because it was originally classed as 'confidential'. Ostensibly. It's been on YouTube since August though and HP hasn't taken it down. And why would they, it's a superb advert for the Elite x3 and its vision. Price no object, of course! Worth a watch in case you haven't seen it either, it's only just over two minutes. 

Here we go, see what you think:

It baffles me why this sort of video 'message' isn't used more by HP (and Microsoft) to tell the story of what Windows 10 Mobile and Continuum can do. Watch it and you're convinced - use the actual x3 experience and there are clearly a few caveats and hiccups, but more on that in future review parts for the HP Lap Dock, for example! (Here's part 1.)

Source / Credit: YouTube