Monument Browser UWP offers ad-blocking, with caveats

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The world of web browsing has been taken by storm in recent years by the concept of 'ad blocking'. Now, this is AAWP and supported by advertising, so I'm on dodgy ground here, I know - but adverts have been overdone on other sites to such a degree that the pages are no longer usable. (Hopefully AAWP is fine in this regard!) We're still waiting for ad blocking to come to Edge on Windows 10 Mobile, but in the meantime I spotted Monument Browser which claims the feature, and working right now...

From the Store description:

With many features to complement your navigation, fast and easy to use, Monument Browser is your best choice for web navigation on Windows UWP devices ( according to users )

  • Ad Blocker: Navigate free of Ads with the built in ad blocker 
  • Background Downloads
  • Save pages in PDF or save to read off-line
  • Split Screen with Picture in Picture 

I'm torn somewhat on this application - while the features it claims do work, the overall experience was glitchy and I experienced numerous crashes (at least, on my Fast ring Lumia 950 XL - your mileage may vary!). Here are some screenshots of it in action:

Screenshot, Monument BrowserScreenshot, Monument Browser

A well thought out and modern UI, with the Settings menu offering, among other things, a dark theme (not that this does much good on the modern Internet with almost all sites white-based!)

Screenshot, Monument BrowserScreenshot, Monument Browser

When it works, it works well - with a hamburger menu coming in from the right and with everything intuitive and accessible.

Screenshot, Monument BrowserScreenshot, Monument Browser

The ad blocking works too, with web sites that are normally ad-strewn showing blank spaces where the in-line ads would have been; (right) some functions (e.g. saving images) are held back for the 'Pro' version via in-app-purchase. This is fair enough and does mean that everyone gets to trial it for free.

You can grab Monument Browser here in the Store. Comments welcome on how stable it is for you!

Source / Credit: Store