Microsoft's Build 2017 sells out quickly

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Well, that didn't take long. I made a mental note yesterday to post something about Microsoft's annual developer conference being open for registrations, I check again today and it's already sold out. At $2000+ per ticket this is somewhat amazing, though do remember that the vast majority of attendees will be there courtesy of their employers. As with Apple's and Google's annual shindigs, the early access to training and all the networking makes this a good investment for all, no doubt. Build 2017 is in May and the highlight will be demos of (and early access to) Redstone 3 in all its device forms.

Build 2017

Microsoft sold more than 5000 developer tickets, so it's a big (and self-funding) event. As the graphic shows, Build 2017 is on May 10-12 2017 and is in Seattle, WA this year.

Developers will be able to learn about:

  • Mixed-reality experiences
  • Cutting edge, intelligent cloud apps
  • Simplified end-to-end dev ops experiences
  • Mobile experiences for nearly any device
  • Apps that make your customers more productive
  • AI-powered apps we have yet to imagine

The Build 2017 web site is here - if you're desperate to attend, then there's still a waiting list to register yourself on, it seems!

Source / Credit: Microsoft