iO the Game, premium and... weird!

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It's often that Game Troopers issues a mis-step, but in this case they've definitely put a foot wrong. I'm all for commercial, premium games without a trial when the would-be player can instantly get their head around the gameplay, i.e. "I know I'm going to love this". With 'iO the Game', the gameplay is nothing like anyone has seen so far, it's abstract in the extreme, and there HAS to be a free trial or demo level or similar. And there's not. Just a hefty purchase price with only the promo video to go by. Maybe the marketing pitch is just as strange as the game itself?!

From the Store description:

iO is a physics platformer about size, speed and momentum unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! Grow, shrink, roll, leap and climb in this unique puzzler featuring over 225 challenging mazes and one-of-a-kind gameplay that includes portals, inverted gravity, vehicles and more!

  • Play with size, weight and mass to reach the exit as fast as possible.
  • Over 225 challenging puzzles to solve
  • Intuitive touch controls.
  • Unlock Xbox Live achievements.
  • Unique and wide variety of gameplay mechanics including gravity manipulation, portals, vehicles and more.
  • Retro-futuristic visuals.

The promo video is all we have to go by, so here it is:

You can buy iO the Game in the Store for just under £4 here.

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