The future of Windows on phones

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With another of my 'hats' on, in my YouTube channel, I have tried to summarise (for other people than Windows enthusiasts) the current position of Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile, with the video embedded below for your convenience. I'll be interested in your comments on my 'take'. Too optimistic? Or not optimistic enough? There are a lot of unknowns in the whole sphere, plus the pace of change in the wider Microsoft and Windows world still seems slower than in other tech areas.

Here's Phones Show 301 anyway - as usual, maximise the window and 'up' the quality if needed:

You can see more of The Phones Show, of course, at my own site at - though do note that a lot of content in the show is based around Android and (to a lesser extent) iOS, reflecting the current worldwide installed bases and sales market share.

Enjoy anyway, and let's have some informed comments from the Windows Phone and W10M experts around these parts!

Source / Credit: YouTube