Windows 10 Continuum being aped but not matched: Remix OS for Mobile

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The benefits of Microsoft's Continuum, whatever one might think of current sales marketshare (thanks mainly to Microsoft pulling the Lumia plug), haven't been lost on the rest of the mobile world, it seems. This week has seen the tease of 'Remix OS for Mobile', an Android spin-off that claims to adapt its UI when you plug a so-equipped Android smartphone into a monitor. Continuum style, yet not quite the same thing, since the applications are basically phone applications running on a larger interface, whereas Continuum involves running full desktop-class UWP applications that are equally as happy on a genuine Windows laptop or tablet.

Still, interesting times, as you'll see from the video below:

It's notable that a) this won't be available until much later in 2017, while Continuum has been around now for 18 months or so and is getting better with each Windows 10 version; and b) that this is going to be very niche, since it depends on a manufacturer embracing Remix OS wholesale - otherwise it'll be relegated to the 'custom ROM' and enthusiast market. (And yes, the irony of this given that W10M is also somewhat relegated to 'enthusiasts', isn't lost on me!)

From Jide, Remix OS's creator:

Remix OS brings Android PCs to your mobile phone through an innovative new feature called Remix Singularity. The phone in your pocket is the only device you'll need to carry around. Just plug or dock in to the bigger screens in your life and enable an Android desktop experience through Remix OS.

Jide Technology, creators of Remix OS, seeks to build simple and effective tools for the mind so people can leverage them in unimaginable ways. Find out more at

Remix OS exists to bring together the Android apps & games ecosystem with the PC productivity features we're used to in order to pioneer Android PCs. It’s currently based on Android Marshmallow and available for download here:

It's somewhat surprising, in fact, in 2017, that Android and iOS don't include something like this out of the box. But despite Windows 10 Mobile's failings in terms of stability and marketplace traction, it does show how far ahead of the game Microsoft is in this regard, eh?

Source / Credit: YouTube