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Now this is interesting, albeit partly with a USA focus. Having had a number of semi-abortive attempts at integrating smartphone-gathered health data with the medical profession in general, we now have a new initiative, see the quotes from Microsoft here. But over and beyond that, we also have (worldwide) a new UWP app that links in with cross-platform data such as Google Fit.

Health Insights

From Microsoft:

This initiative includes investments in resources for our partners to capture new opportunities to apply AI to healthcare, such as the Microsoft AI in Health Partner Alliance, an expanding group of partners focused on advancing health technology. Alliance members will receive unique training and access to Microsoft technologies, engineering expertise and data sets.

Transforming patient and clinician empowerment with UPMC

The first planned strategic research partnership for Microsoft’s Healthcare NExT initiative is with UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center), one of the largest integrated health care delivery networks in the United States. The $13 billion Pittsburgh-based system, comprising more than 25 hospitals, a 3 million-member health plan and 3,600 physicians, will be a core partner in our efforts to improve health care delivery through a series of projects, beginning with a focus on transforming clinician empowerment and productivity. With UPMC’s long track record of clinical and commercial innovation and Microsoft’s expertise in advanced AI capabilities, the two organizations plan to work together to bring innovative new solutions to market, beginning with implementation at UPMC.

Additional collaborations from Healthcare NExT include partners applying the cloud, AI and research to some of the biggest problems in health care:

  • HealthVault Insights is a new research-based project designed to allow partners to generate new insights about patient health, drive adherence to care plans and encourage patient engagement powered by the latest scientific advances in machine learning. Tribridge and System C & Graphnet Care Alliance are building on HealthVault Insights to create innovative solutions for patient adherence to provider care plans.
  • Microsoft Genomics is making the sample-to-answer process fast and easy through an Azure-powered genome analysis pipeline and an orchestrated ecosystem of innovative partners including BC Platforms and DNAnexus.
  • Microsoft’s AI health chatbot technology is also a research-based project that will enable partners to build AI-powered conversational health care tools. MDLIVE intends to use our health bot technology to help patients self-triage inquiries before they interact with a doctor via video. Premera Blue Cross, the largest health plan in the Pacific Northwest, plans to use our health bot technology to transform how members can look up information about their health benefits. Health Navigator’s symptom checker brings best practices to other customers and partners.
  • Project InnerEye is a research-based, AI-powered software tool for radiotherapy planning. The goal of the project is to allow dosimetrists and radiation oncologists to achieve 3D contouring of patients’ planning scans in minutes rather than hours. The assistive AI technology gives experts full control of the output accuracy while enjoying high levels of consistency and potential cost savings.

All good stuff to see happening. But it's more than that, Windows 10 (including Mobile) gets a new HealthVault Insights application that acts on the phone to integrate fitness data from a Microsoft Band and/or from Google Fit, rolling it into summaries and recommendations, and with fields for health professionals to have input.

Here's the HealthVault Insights UWP app in the Store, it's a free download. (Note that the old HealthVault Windows Phone 8.1 app is also still available.)

Here's HealthVault Insights in action:

HealthVault InsightsHealthVault Insights

It's white, bright and familiar, but what's interesting here is that it also talks to your Google Fit account (populated if you have an Android phone or Android Wear smartwatch) - there's no sign yet of Apple Health yet, but no doubt that's coming?

HealthVault InsightsHealthVault Insights

I guess I should dig out my old Band 2 and add that into the mix too? (Don't take my data here literally, by the way, I've been switching phones quite a bit!)

HealthVault InsightsHealthVault Insights

A wizard system leads you into common sense fitness goals and methods - all very nicely done, especially for the fitness newbie.

HealthVault InsightsHealthVault Insights

Some of the 'insights' summary data (again, ignore my slightly incomplete data here); the HealthVault itself is currently populated by you typing stuff in, but in the future it could sync in stuff from the Cloud from your doctor, and so forth.

HealthVault Insights

This being a UWP app, here's the obligatory Continuum screen proof...

Source / Credit: Microsoft