Saarland Police Service, the HP Elite x3, and dashboard Continuum

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Always on the lookout for interesting ways that Windows 10 Mobile and Continuum are being used in the real world, I saw the linked (and embedded below) video showing how the Elite x3, a Microsoft Display Dock and a standard LCD monitor in the extended dashboard of a Mercedes E Class, can all work together to help Saarland Police in Germany log and share accident reports more quickly and easily.

We'll start with the video, as that's the main event. There's a little wobble-cam going on, and it's a bit dark in places, but bear with it - it gets better:

Dr Windows introduces the video with (via Google Translate):

At this point, we had already reported more frequently about the pilot project "Continuum im Stanzwagen". The icomedias company from Austria is already very successful with its Windows 10 Universal App "Hybrid Forms" in Switzerland, and has also been active in Germany since last year. At the European Police Conference in Berlin in 2017, I had the opportunity for the first time to see this solution live. 

...For the solution to work, a special conversion is required. For the connection, an ordinary display dock from Microsoft is used, which is fully compatible with the HP Elite x3 (this device is used by the Saarland Police in a pilot project). A little "Kabelsalat" can not be avoided. The connection via Miracast has been rejected for various reasons, for the future, a solution "with no cable" must of course be the goal. The whole is controlled by various buttons in the center console, via which Continuum is generally activated or the corresponding part of the vehicle display is released. 

The procedure: The police officer or the policewoman first takes the accident via smartphone, snaps photos from the accident site, registers witnesses etc. and then sits in the car. There he starts Continuum and can continue the editing exactly where he has interrupted on the smartphone. More detailed writing work such as test reports can now be conveniently carried out with a PC keyboard and further processing can be carried out via the large vehicle display. Since Hybrid Forms works with SharePoint in the background, the data are directly available to colleagues on the guard. Overall, the processing time of an everyday traffic accident is to be reduced by about half, and the officials have more time to deal with the actual happenings on the ground. As usual from Continuum, the phone remains normal during this time. As an important advantage, Christian Ekhart from icomedias emphasizes that no sensitive data is stored in the vehicle itself, as would be the case, for example, would be a real PC.

A good summary and I absolutely get the idea. What an excellent use of all that Microsoft technology. The privacy point at the end is often overlooked, but I suspect that it's more important than most tech pundits realise. Having your phone AS your computer not only means that you're authenticated on every service already, but your data and apps stay exactly where they are, with no need to share information online via possible insecure means or to mess around with copying files or using USB disks.


Source / Credit: Dr Windows