The HP Elite x3 gets new scanning add-on

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The Windows 10 Mobile-powered HP Elite x3 ecosystem keeps growing - it's still with an eminent business focus, but at least there's momentum here. New in the last week is a lower cost (than this) barcode scanning system, this time using the Elite x3's back-side pogo pins. See below for some links and photos from MWC 2017.

Elite x3 barcode scanner

WindowsCentral was on the ground at MWC 2017 and caught some photos of the x3 accessory in use:

The Elite x3 is a phone for business, according to HP, and the addition of a new barcode scanner case unveiled at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 expands the feature set for businesses. It's a simple accessory built on the legacy of decades of barcode scanners, and it brings that old-school tech to a decidedly new-school format.

The unit essentially consists of two parts: a case that attaches to the Elite x3 and connects to the five pogo pins on the lower back, and a pop-on scanner module that sits near the top with a cut-out for the phone's rear camera and fingerprint scanner.

What need is there for a barcode scanner on a modern smartphone that already has its own 16MP camera? This hardware is designed and optimized specifically for barcode scanning in a way that smartphone cameras are not. The module contains three windows for an illumination light (there's nothing worse than a dimly lit barcode, right?), a laser to help you target, and the camera itself. It's a compact module that makes the handheld scanners at retail stores look positively obese. In HP's demonstrations, the scanner was incredibly fast — you just hold the button on the side of the case to activate the scanner, point it at your barcode, and *beep* you're scanning.

See the WC post for the original photos.

From HP's product page, there's another infographic which neatly sums up the x3's appeal to businesses - here I've composited it slightly:

Beautifully explained HP. I think we're really starting to see how the Elite x3 is going to be a backbone in its mobile business offerings going forwards. HP's play here is for the long term, for equipment that will have a shelf life of many years, not just many months (as we're used to seeing in the consumer world).

Source / Credit: HP