QuickProfile UWP - nice idea, but limited

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The idea of tapping one's phone to a specific NFC tag in order to quick-set a combination of connectivity (or other) settings isn't new, of course, but this is a new UWP app that goes some way to making this happen on Windows 10 Mobile. Currently limited to Wi-fi, Bluetooth and wallpaper, there's clearly further this could do (sound, screen brightness, etc.) but it's currently limited by Microsoft's APIs for third party developers. Still, worth a look, not least because QuickProfile is free.

From the Store description:

Do you ever wanted to have different profiles for different situations? Then QuickProfile is the right solution for you. With QuickProfile you can quickly create profiles which change different settings of your system to adapt your current needs.

Profiles can be written to NFC-tags so you can quickly activate them wherever and whenever you want. Your flexibility knows no limits.

Currently there are 5 actions supported by the app:

  • Turning WiFi on/off
  • Turning Bluetooth on/off
  • Toggling state of WiFi/Bluetooth
  • Changing your startscreen wallpaper
  • Changing your lockscreen wallpaper

More actions will come in the future, depending on which APIs could be used.

Some screens of QuickProfile in action:

Screenshot, QuickProfileScreenshot, QuickProfile

The tile-esque QuickProfile homescreen and (right) some profiles set-up.

Screenshot, QuickProfileScreenshot, QuickProfile

Setting up a new profile and (right) confirming what a profile does and then writing to a programmable NFC tag.

You can grab QuickProfile in the Store here. It doesn't go far enough to be really useful yet, but hopefully future APIs in Windows 10 Mobile will open things up further.

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